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Last night I snuck outside the warehouse and hit Mezzanine to catch Jon Hopkins & Four Tet.
Man oh man it was gooood! First off, let me say the Four Tet was fine… Enjoyable. Yes he was headlining and all the hipster kids were there to see him (probably because Pitchfork told them to go), but he was no where near as impressive as Mr. Hopkins.

I was grinning from ear to ear most of his set. It started off with the long every building wave of pretty vibrating electronic goodness that just washed over you. As the set progressed it just keep swapping layers for layers and building into deep bone massaging techno with this super nice glitched out IDM twitch.

It was great how it went from this warm, slowly moving ear soup, over into piano-tinged melodies, into finally just heavy, gotta move your feet, where the hell did this come from, electronic madness!

I loved it… it was way more than I had hoped it would be. Oh and it was gear! Ot at least gear manipulated. He had a laptop running, but was twiddling knobs and slammin pads the whole time. Twas brilliant! My only two regrets were that A) they had no merch table for which to buy more of his stuff (I already purchased his 1st two albums in a heartbeat, online) and B) absolutely NO ONE I knew went. I was all by myself… which is fine. I’ll go to shows by myself if I wanna see someone and no one I know is interested.
But this was one of those shows where you kinda wish you had someone there to share the experience.
Oh well…

After that I was feeling pretty damn good, just because it was such an uplifting thing… So I walked thru the rain over to 103 Harriet (aka part of 1015) to hit the Space Cowboys Finger Lickin Anniversary party. There, I actually knew some people, which was not exactly a surprise. That was also a damn fine show in it’s own right. REALLY good breaks. Like, really good. Wasn’t some dub steppy bullshit or whatever the newest trend is, it was really hard clean super fun breaks.  I had actually forgot what good breaks sound like… now I remember.

Good music on a solo Saturday night adventure!