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created in the pacific northwest by sean siegler.

i guess it’s not the kind of thing most people commemorate, but 3/31 is the aniversary of the day i (mostly) dodged a bullet.
as i was crossing fillmore street while waiting for my girlfriend (and on my way to see the ozric tentacles play) i managed to get grazed by a “stray” bullet that was being shot from down the block in the lower haight.
if it wasn’t for the fact that i am so skinny, and for the fact that i have studied keanu reeves technique in the matrix, i may have ended up with a chunk of hot dirty metal in either my arm or my chest.
but i am, i did, and i don’t.

for some people, such a close encounter with their mortality may have turned them to a pious life of faith – believing that it was an act of “the almighty” that did the saving.
to them i say “fuck off! if there was a god, he would have pushed you in front of a moving train years ago.”