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Recently I have found myself in that awesome position of really digging into some new (at least for my ears) music. I think it sort of started with my over listening to Tripswitch’s Circuit Breaker album, which I still think is just the friggin’ bomb. Anyhow, that kind set my mood for more down tempo leaning stuff than I had been listening too.

That I think led me back to Ulrich Schnauss , who I have been a fan of for a few years now, but never really got sucked into.

Well… I inhaled deeply.

And, man it is some good shit. I even went so far as to BUY some of his CD’s online. I do realize I am some sort of freak for actually doing that, but good music made by good people on small labels deserve our money. (Oh and I was also able to find Circuit Breaker as well. Got it too)

Sticking Ulrich Schnauss into the last.fm player also got me to discover Abfahrt Hinwil and their album Links Berge Rechts Seen.

They are on the Toytronic label, which my friend mr. projectile used to be on as well.

Their music is much more idm/minimal than the other stuff I have been listening too, but still pretty nice.

And then lastly, mr. projectile shared with me a link to a song on Jon Hopkins website, and I was immediately hooked and proceeded to buy his two albums fro his labels (Just Music) site the next day.

And wow… They are great. Simply brilliant stuff. Just tasty as hell. It’s one of those discoveries where you are almost happy you never heard it before, because here it is all new for you to take in.
Contact Note and Opalescent are just amazing. Go buy them now! I will wait…

Oh and if that weren’t enough, Jon Hopkins is going to be performing live in San Francisco on March 21st @ Mezzanine with Four Tet!

I gotta say, last.fm is the shit. It continues to turn me on to new music and keep me mindful of artists I like who are performing near me.

And finally, two of those CD’s I got came from Juno Records.
They are a great online CD store for electronic music and they are FAST. I order two discs on monday night, from England, and they showed up here, in San Francisco CA, USA, on thursday the same week. WTF!? Yes i paid for the FedEx shipping, but it was only like 3 bucks more… but DAMN that is fast.