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I have waited for seemingly years for some one to write a decent note taking application. I used to email myself notes, web links, task lists, pictures, whatever… from one computer to another, just so I had a digital copy of some scrap of info for later retrieval. It was a pretty crap system at best.

I tried things like 37signals Backpack and Remember The Milk, but neither really did what I wanted and just seemed a bit too confusing for a note taking, task list system. So I never stuck with them.

The along came google notebook. While not the most sleek interface, it certainly did the trick. It was just a nice simple typical google web interface to plop information and link. It also had a  browser extension to make things easier. I used it quite a bit, but then along came Evernote.

Evernote is pretty much perfect. You can have unlimited different “notebooks” and within those, as many notes as you want. A note can be a link, or something written, or a snippet from a web page (text, images, or a whole chunk of a page). You can get stuff in there via email, or a txt message, or iPhone (or other mobile thingies). There is an awesome iPhoine app, a standalone app, and a browser interface. All pretty great. Oh and it does text recignition in images! Damn! When google announced they were stopping development on notebook, a flood of people when to Evernote, and within weeks, Evernote made a tool to import your stuff from google notebook.

Now although I love Evernote, it is a bit overkill for somethings, like just a simple link and possibly a map link you want to have access to mobily. This is where Shifd comes in!
Shifd is a super simple, minimal and clean system for basic notes, links and places. You cannot upload images or anything like that, but that’s not what it is for.
I have found it very handy for just getting a link to something I see at work, to me at home later.
I have also used it to for googlemap links and addresses for when I am heading out somewhere new.
Honestly there is nothig shitd.com does that Evernote doesn’t, but it’s simplicity lends its to be very useful in it’s own way.

This long rambling post really just reveals that I am still a pack-rat, even in the digital sense. I seem to like to keep little bits of things orbiting thru my universe, at arms reach.