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created in the pacific northwest by sean siegler.

I have been using last.fm since about april of 2005. So for almost 4 years it has been tracking what I listen to, making charts based on that, as well as recommending me new bands, finding neighbors with similar musical tastes, and also creating a number of radio stations for me, based on my listening habits, tracks I have “liked”, etc.  I know lot of people use Pandora, which I did try out way back when it was new, but I just didn’t like what it spewed out at me, plus I just really dig having my own personal charts made out of what I listen to.

Anyhow, the point of this blurp was that recently last.fm held a hack day to see what developers could build in a day using last.fm’s api. One of the cool ones to come out of it was something called songcolours which analyzes your charts and spits out a colored pie graph, a phrase and some songs, broken down by color.

Honestly I have no idea what it all represents, but I found it cool. My phrase was “sky lucy diamonds world river sun”. Admittedly I have been listening to various versions of “Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds” recently.

I assume this with change as newer songs get into my charts, but here is mine.