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I recently become one of the sheeple who got his hands on an iPhone.
Within a day or two I was searching for interesting apps, and I Googled “trippy iPhone apps” and the main thing that came up were a few links for RjDj.
It is trippy and it is great and is one of the most inventive uses of the huge waste of time in my pocket that is the iPhone.
I’m not sure I can even describe it very good, but essentially what it does is, using your earbuds w/ the mic on it, it takes in sounds from your surrounding area, and remixes it.
It’s delays it, loops it, pitch bends it, and more.
There are multiple “albums” that all do different things to the sounds.

Personally, I love it. I think it is fun as hell, but it seems to fall into to camps with different people. Some people really dig it, and some people throw off the earbuds in an instant because it just freaks them out. They think it is what “crazy” people must hear.

Whatever. Those people are living in some booring comfy world. Screw em.

Anyhow, if you have an iPhone, at the very least, install the free version.