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So… much to the probable dismay from Mister Jason over at Braintoast, I have, for the time being, opted to slap on a Word Press template. I can probably come up with something better (that is debatable), but it will take me a while and I’d rather get some things rolling on here now, and I am less likely to do that if the whole thing is still sitting in that default word press theme.

So we’ll see what happens here now. Possibly some mobile posting. More than likely mostly pointless posts that will interest mainly me. But that really is the main purpose of blogs really isn’t it? I mean, obviously there is a thought that it would be nice to have some readers and like minded opinions, but really it is a place to verbally wank off about some weird video, or app, or something odd seen on the way to work.

Anyhow. Here is to trying once more to keep this thing active and alive.