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motion graphics, animation, design, & direction.

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created in the pacific northwest by sean siegler.

back in the 80’s i really wanted a men without hats t-shirt but was never able to find one. i’m sure i would have impressed everyone in my junior high if i had such a shirt and wore it. i did find a small button with the mwh logo on it at a weird little rock & roll collectables type shop in manhattan, somewhere on west 8th street. but that was already into the early 90’s – i was in college, and well, i couldn’t go around college in the 90’s wearing an oversized suit coat with various buttons on the lapel now could i?

so believe it or not, men without hats are still around (sort of) and still making music. so i bought their latest cd and a t-shirt featuring the latest rendidtion of their logo, from their website. in an ironic twist, i now wear a bowler hat quite often. when both the hat and the t-shirt are worn at the same time, they effectivly cancel each other out, ripping a small hole in the fabric of space and time, simply causing me to implode for a brief period of time!