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motion graphics, animation, design, & direction.

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created in the pacific northwest by sean siegler.

so i seem to have this re-occurring dream.
well, it is only one “thing” that has happened in a bunch of my dreams, not a whole dream re-occurring.
it goes like this…
i am chewing on something – most recently it was gum – and at some point i encounter someone and wish to talk to them, but when i open my mouth, i find it is full of whatever i am chewing. full to the point where i can’t just spit it out, but have to reach in my mouth and yank out a hunk, and toss it away. however, that doesn’t do the trick. my mouth is still full and i cannot talk and it almost seems as if what i am chewing on is almost back to its original size.
kinda weird huh?
sometimes i yank and rip and yank and get enough out that i can spit it out and can talk, but it often takes a while and is very frustrating.
it almost always seems like there is far more in my mouth that what should be there.

now if i could only train myself to know that when that happens, i am dreaming!