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motion graphics, animation, design, & direction.

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created in the pacific northwest by sean siegler.

I’m in the middle of trying to get this site up and running under a new WP Theme, so it may take a bit of time before the battle station is fully operational. It is a great theme and almost exactly what I want, but it is going to take some tweaking and shuffling before it works how I want it too. I’m also fully aware that absolutely no one actually comes to this place, so in reality I am writing to myself, but I have a history of amusing myself, so I guess this is just another aspect of that. Also, this is just me testing out this awesome collection of short codes!

Don’t Panic
This is also a test of some of the shortcode options with this theme. I don’t know crap about shortcode, so this is just me playing around with it.

[tick_one_third] This is a tick box. I guess this is where you put wood ticks. [/tick_one_third]

[alert style=”red”] Alert! This is a warning! [/alert]

[toggle title=”Memo” state=”open”] Do the dumb things I gotta do. [/toggle]


This is where tabbed content, part 01 lives,
I think it would be best if part 02 lived here.