Sean Siegler


I’ve been something of a creative person for a very long time and in my youth, I began to dabble in both the performing arts and filmmaking.
A good portion of that time was spent both on stage and making movies with friends (mostly for extra credit in school).

Eventually, I moved to Brooklyn NY to study video and film at Pratt Institute.

For many years I created original video footage to use in live performances as a VJ, which I would put to use in the early mid-west rave scene.
In addition, I would often become the light show for various bands as well. This somehow morphed into graphic design, music video production, and web design.
I sort of fell into motion graphics as a result of teaching myself After Effects in order to create my VJ content.

Since that time I have been able to create motion graphics for a wide variety of clients ranging from big healthcare brands, shoe retailers, Las Vegas dance crews, and all sorts of things in between.
I still am active on the performance side of things as an accomplished voice actor, which you can find out more about at AllOfMyVoices.com.If you want to work with someone who is a well-rounded creative who enjoys storytelling and problem-solving, then we should talk!

Pocketsnacks.com is the work of Sean Siegler, a motion graphics designer and digital artist based in Portland Oregon. He lives with a most wonderful wife and a delightful daughter and a loveable but sometimes annoying cat named Lentil.