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So it has now been a bit over one year since I embarked on the project of making an image everyday. It began with drawing for about the first 6 months, before I transitioned over to C4D. Getting back into drawing has been nice and helpful at my job, but after a while I was craving to play with C4D more, so after about 6 months I made the switch.

Overall I feel like I have improved and made a few pretty awesome images. I have also made some kinda middling generic stuff, and some downright crap images, but I put them all up.

The first few months are over at my other site,, and hopefully someday I’ll move them all here, but it is kinda tedious, so it probably won’t happen any time soon.

As I enter year 2, I am going to stick with the C4D, mainly because I love it and am learning a load of stuff about the program.

It’s not always easy to carve out the time, but I highly recommend the process.