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In other news…

The Ozric Tentacles have moved to the US. Well, Ed and Brandi at least, but I guess that is the Ozrics these days. They have a new album, the Yum Yum Tree, due out soon and have a free single for download if you sign up for their email list, or the labels email list or whatever.
The single is called Mooncalf, and I have to say I am pretty pleasantly surprised by it. It is one of those jammy dub-style Ozric tunes, which is nothing new. What does stand out really is the drumming. It is really good!
I have been pretty dismayed with some of the programmed drumming on the recent albums. It just felt sterile and without any life or heart, which in turn makes the whole track feel that way. And what I always loved about Ozrics was while it was very electronic and techy, it still felt very very organic and alive and warm.
This new track seems to be in that vein.
The production on it also seems pretty tight and clean.

Oh and the album is available for pre-order as well.