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It is March, slightly past the half-way point till the playa, and we have started the ball rolling on Burning Man prep.
This past weekend, former roomie and co-burner, Agent37 and I busted into our storage space, and dug out two solar panels, three gigantic heavy-ass deep cycle batteries, various wire n electronic bits and my sorry looking, dusty rusty squeeky floppy tire playa bike, and got them back to my warehouse.

The batteries need to be reconditioned, which means charging them and draining them, over and over for a long period of time, until the all drain and charge together like one big happy battery… or something like that. So we are going to have to mount a panel here at Cyclone and get em going soon.

In addition, tonight I got to go over to see the cool new-ish apartment that Agent37 and his second in command, Comptroller Jugz, live in (in Noe Valley at the top and opposite end of the exact same block we first lived in SF!) and talk and plan for all things Burning Man.
As usual we have much to do, but it is not too daunting and we are not taking on any major new projects. Mainly just repairs and a few minor upgrades. I think we have it fairly under control… if anything the main part we are lacking this year is people. I think are camp may be the smallest it has ever been. Right now it is the 3 of us, plus Mr. Jason… we may have a few stragglers breaking off from Fandango, but that is not a for sure.

After taking a year off, I am looking forward to it for sure. I am excited to do the radio station again…
If you want you can check some of our on-air antics that we recorded in 2007 and 2006. 99.1 FM The BRBC